Web Monitoring

We track how brands move on the web in terms of their social engagement and customer sentiments. Through our engagement insights, we help our clients understand what works socially and how to achieve the desired levels of customer interactions.

What we do
  • Track brands on the web (engagements and sentiments)
  • Identify stories that would resonate the most with brand audience
  • Predict social reach and engagements
Content Development & Marketing

We enable most engaging visual communication through a mix of science (what works) and arts (in what form it works). We provide breakthrough content that boosts brand perception and drives business performance.

What we do
  • Design the most optimum content strategy
  • Create highly engaging content for your brand audience
  • Track, measure and refine to achieve maximum user traction
Customer Engagement

Through our brand sensing technology, we identify the right set of audience for the brand. We reach out to this audience segments through highly relevant marketing campaigns. This is supported by our sound lead generation strategy and the customer insights to back it up. Thus, we achieve the most optimum exposure for the brand.

What we do
  • Customer segment and marketing channel identification
  • Customer data mining for relevant reach-outs
  • Execute web strategies/campaigns (across social channels)
  • Revise and recalibrate to achieve maximum returns