About us

Why some stories go viral while most just fizzle out on the web.

At ContentLake, we track how the brands move on the web. We monitor stories across multiple digital streams and help you understand how people engage with them. We deliver the most comprehensive and unique insights into what and who is making news today, and did that historically.

Through our extensive web knowledge (based on our historical news database), we know what makes a story click, makes it rise above all, and trend. We leverage this understanding to guide our clients on what would make a mark and by how much (predicting their social reach and engagement levels).

We can do all Content!

Our team of content strategists, social media marketers, and creative experts know how to attract and engage target customers. We design and execute the marketing strategies in the most optimum manner and offer you the best possible return on your investment. While we take up your content and inside sales activities, we enable you to wholeheartedly focus on your core endeavors.